Anonymous asked:
i know this is random, but... could you please post a photo of your shoe collection? i really, really like your taste in shoes *u*

oh my goodness… this is probably the best request ever? squee! i love shoes, and i love collecting them! my number one material weakness by far…

i will try to do either a photo or video for you very soon anon! i’m going to be starting a youtube channel in the very near future and i could make that a lil video, haha.

WOLF (by nsxbirder)

cracked open a coconut yesterday and used the shell as a little vessel for some other tasty fruits!

Anonymous asked:
can you recommend a type of marker/pen that can fill a page without wearing out or bleeding through? i'm running out of ideas and it's so frustrating!

i don’t know if i’m misunderstanding this question, but i don’t know of too many pens that could color an entire page without running dry and/or bleeding through. i like microns and faber castell pens as well as these cheapy staples brand ones i got haha, but i don’t know that any one of them would last a whole page. if you’re trying to fill large spaces in with black, i recommend using a brush and sumi ink or black gouache!

(ps, just to kill two birds with one stone: as for the anon who asked about pencils — i use whatever pencils are lying around, usually .05mm or .03mm lead pencils!)

fagnficent asked:
I used to follow you on deviantart and flickr and stuff cause I love your work and I used to think you were so much older than me cause I found your flickr when I was 14 and you were 16 and i was like shes so old and mature and talented!!! Idk just here to let you know I APPRECIATE YOUR ART AND I'M NOW 20 AND I'VE APPRECIATED IT FOR AGES. U GO GURL.

aw gosh do you know how much i needed this today!? thank you so very much you darling cupcake angel you <3 <3 <3 you’re wonderful!

You are a divine being. You matter, you count. You come from realms of unimaginable power and light, and you will return to those realms.
Terrence McKenna

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has anyone been keeping count of how many times derek has lurked in the locker room


hawk mountain
kempton, PA


Clouds lit from below, the sunset’s pink underbelly.

reminder to myself that i’m only 22 years old and i don’t have to have my entire life figured out yet. i don’t have to know everything or do everything yet. it’s gonna be okay. i’m doing a lot and working hard and trying to enjoy every day and i don’t need to stress about where i’m gonna be in a year or if i’m gonna be able to move out of my house by spring because i’m still learning about myself and working on my own happiness and that’s what is important and i’ve got a family that’s supportive and wonderful friends and i’ve got time to figure things out.