Anonymous asked:
bailey! how's the new job treatin ya?

anon! it’s okay, thanks for asking.

i didn’t really know what i was agreeing to when i took the job but i have been learning some things (both about screen printing and about certain workplace environments and such… haha) so that is good. it is basically manual labor, a factory/warehouse type of job where i thought it might be a little more creative.

at least my shift works out so that i can still have time to come home and make art. i have a lot of exciting things in the works/being planned out.

i am still really on the quest for a tattoo apprenticeship though. so that’s what i’m trying to work on finding.

and I make no promises


A shy little cat I met on a walk.


one of a kind hand-beaded & hand-printed VISIONARY tote bag now up for grabs at f0xpaw.

i need an art grant to fund my future screen printing studio


some artwork i did for the band daisy face that i colored just for fun