just wanted to take a second to thank you guys for caring about what i do and the art that i make. i am so flattered and honored to have your support and it genuinely makes my day to get little messages and emails with your kind words. i am just incredibly grateful and happy that there are people out there who are interested in my work and who i can share it with. i am so lucky and you guys rule.

I have just been super swamped with my job and other things in life lately and have very little time to do anything with my personal art. and i feel sad about it bc that means not only is my creative spirit a little stifled, but i haven’t been able to share stuff with you guys. and i am sorry for that </3

but!! i am trying to get my life in order and somehow make more time for me. it’s hard for me to step back and realize i need to take some time for myself sometimes. but i’m trying!

new things from me are coming your way very soon. i am working on my website and trying to get back into photographing things that i love and will be reopening my etsy super soon with all kinds of new listings. thank you all millions and billions for sticking it out with me and being wonderful little cupcakes.

Anonymous asked:
hey bailey! so my question may sound weird, but is there a name for the kind of drawings/illustrations you do? i love your kind of art so much and i would love to see more art like it, the way you outline and sometimes color, i wanna see more things like that! thanks 💕

haha aw, thank you so very much! it’s just my style of illustrating, i don’t think there’s a name for it. it’s just how i have developed the way i draw. i like to think that it’s unique as my own personal way of creating! but i am looking at other art all the time and some artists i enjoy (who you might also enjoy) include harry clarke, john dyer baizley, goni montez, aubrey beardsley, alphonse mucha, and jeff simpson (to name just a small handful!) i also look at a lot of neo-traditional tattoo designs as well as things like henna and even just patterning within nature :)

True beauty is on the inside, where everything is red, and glistening, and full of practical organs and sharp rocks.
Welcome to Night Vale, Episode 48


untitled . september 2012
digital photograph

grotesquebone asked:
What happened to your etsy?

it’s just currently on hold while i check my inventory and add new products! i have been doing a lot of vendor events in real life, which is great, but it means that i have to go in and unlist the things i have sold at those so that no one buys something i no longer have.
it’s quite a process (and i have a million other things going on in my life right now) AND i still have another festival coming up this weekend, so i put my shop on vacation mode until i can properly get a grasp on what is and isn’t in stock. it will be back super super soon, i promise!

don’t wait for others to validate you. validate yourself. you are wonderful and talented and important and you should keep telling yourself that until you truly believe it <3

Fall in the Forest by Ulrika Eckblom

Anonymous asked:
bailey! how's the new job treatin ya?

anon! it’s okay, thanks for asking.

i didn’t really know what i was agreeing to when i took the job but i have been learning some things (both about screen printing and about certain workplace environments and such… haha) so that is good. it is basically manual labor, a factory/warehouse type of job where i thought it might be a little more creative.

at least my shift works out so that i can still have time to come home and make art. i have a lot of exciting things in the works/being planned out.

i am still really on the quest for a tattoo apprenticeship though. so that’s what i’m trying to work on finding.

and I make no promises